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BMW 325i.

       The vehicle is equipped with three Rockford Fosgate 10" P3 subwoofers, two pair of 5 1/4" component speakers, and a pair of 6 1/2" mid-bass drivers. All of this is powered by Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, specifically a P1000.1bd for the subwoofers,a p400.2 for the mid-bass and a p200.2 For the components. All connections and accessories were made possible by Rockford Fosgate. The dash was custom made to fit the double din Alpine Media Center.

What makes this BMW different, is the tedious attention to detail in the installation. A completely hand-made fiberglass console was made to fit in-between the rear passengers, that holds the three 10" subwoofers. This allows for a highly convenient install, losing only the space that is hardly ever used.  No one wants to sit on the middle hump! If you want more sound in your vehicle, why not use the unwanted space? I like to create a more practical installation that makes sense. The customer here, has not given up any of his trunk space, but has brought an impressive amount of sound, as well as sound quality to where they want it most.

       The console has all the matching factory colors to keep it flowing with the vehicle. I added the black finish to the top layer, tan, and wood-grain. I know BMW would more than likely never do this to one of their vehicles, but if they did, they would much like I did with the vehicle's factory accents throughout the install. Allowing for all Textures and colors to give it that "BMW look." I made plexiglass sides on the enclosure, which allows you to see the subwoofers, as well as the multi-layered interior. Again, keeping the factory colors in mind,the plexiglass window is outlined with a wood-grain trim.

       The Front door panels are made from fiberglass as well. I actually made a mold of the factory panels, and used the mold to recreate the same form out of fiberglass. Why? The customer now has new, custom door panels that fit his choice for the brand and number of speakers. The factory panels are not used, and since they were not modified the customer can put them back on with ease if he ever decides to trade or sell the BMW. Every existing feature on the factory panels are still used in the new fiberglass panels, Side Airbag (very important!), mirror controls and even the wood-grain pieces. On the new panels, there is a little more wood-grain added which wraps around the "Kyle Buckner Designs" signature logo. So what did we lose? Nothing. We gained sound quality without sacrificing wanted space and we did so without losing the small details that make a BMW what it is, quality.

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