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 Custom Chopper

     "When this client came to me with this Candy-Painted chopper with $30,000 worth of chrome, my eyes lit up. He wanted to add speakers on this chopper without really sacrificing the sleek look it gives off. After a few hours of looking at it, here’s what I came up with."

   Of course, who wouldn’t want an Apple iPod touch as the head unit? From this, he controls everything. His playlist, songs… everything. I hand-made a dock that attaches to the tank and allowed him to easily dock/undock his brand new iPod touch. While docked, the iPod charges.

   The entire bike is designed around a “spike” look. He wanted to add a front spoiler to the bike, which worked out perfectly to hide 2 RockFord Fosgate Speakers. The front end was hand-made in a form to compliment the bike and finished with the same candy paint.

   Next, I completely redesigned the battery compartment under the seat to fit two Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers, the battery and two Rockford speakers behind a hand-made panel. The custom compartment was made to wrap around the front-facing Rockford amplifier, hugging an aluminum trim ring as the two pieces meet.

   Last, we added two Rockford Fosgate speakers on the handle-bars. I made each enclosure to fit the design of the bike, finishing them off with an Aluminum trim to cover the speakers. The aluminum was polished to match the other aluminum on his bike.

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