Let's get creative. 

KBD offers a very friendly service option, the "iDesign". iDesign opens up doors to our clientele that other companies close.  We want to gain a relationship with you and we can assure you that we will surpass your expectations every time. Take a look at our service-options below to get a glimpse of how far KBD is willing to go.



Do you find yourself searching from store-to-store for that perfect piece you have envisioned for your new room? We are here to solve that problem. Look no further, as we will take on almost anything. You choose the dimensions, stain, and materials or leave it all up to our design crew that can also design a piece specifically for your room. 


With our knowledgeable team at KBD, the possibilities are endless. We are constantly challenged with clients that need new material applications and we raise the bar each time. 



I'm Another Title


Are you part of an interior design firm? If so, you'll love us. We work with well-known interior design firms on creating the intricate furniture for their clients. Leave the headache up to us, as KBD will create according to your needs so you can move on with your work as smoothly as possible. 


 We accept nothing but perfection and stand behind every product we deliver to an unheard level of customer service. Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations, but bring an entire new language and style to the furniture industry. All items leaving our headquarters are carefully inspected for perfection and won't leave in any other way.


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