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The iTable.

     The iPhone is huge, we all know. Tons of companies bring portable docking stations to the market for consumers, but what about one in your Coffee table? Let's make it motorized as well, to allow the customer to use the table as... well a table, then when they want music, Swipe their hands across the touch sensitive controls and the high quality sound rises from what looked like was a design in the table. Swipe again, your music stops, and the motorized sound-bar , equipped with 8 high-end transducer speakers, glides right back down as if there was nothing even there. Topping it all off, there is a 6" down-firing subwoofer to complete the crystal clear sound.

     Introducing, the entirely Hand-crafted iTable. This coffee table, has two aluminum trimmed cup-holders, that will light your drinks up with the touch of a button. On the front, there is 4 controls. LED on/off, Volume up & Down, and the motorization control. Each button was laser engraved, then hand-cut to fit on the control pad. Simply touch the metal buttons to activate each identified switch. touch both volume up & down at the same time, and you will mute the song playing on your iPhone 4, that was charging ever since you docked the device into the table.

The design of this table is pretty contemporary. With 96 stainless steel hex-head bolts holding on the the wrap-around rails, all spaced with custom milled 1/4" spacers. The top is a flat black surface, that has a finish that is almost scratch-proof.

      This table is made for the iPhone 4, but can be interchangeable upon request to fit your device. This is the debut of this category produced by Kyle Buckner Designs. INC., but stay tuned for an entire line of the interactive furniture.

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