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Lincoln LS.

    The customer came to me after seeing the BMW. His request was a console to house two JL Audio 10" W6's. We also went with the Alpine IVA w505 head unit, and two pair of JL Audio Vr 5x7 component speakers. The next piece of equipment is what blew everyone's mind. The entire system is powered by one JL Audio HD900/5 channel amplifier. Yes, one amplifier. You wouldn't believe the sound, it's incredible.

    I completely stripped the factory console, and rebuilt everything from scratch. Everything from the shifter back is actually hand-made, even though it matches the factory trim, color and lines perfectly. Sitting down with the customer, I knew he wanted to be able to put his car back to the factory look if necessary, so I made a new console in order to accommodate this request, should it ever come up.
    I wanted to do something different than the consoles I have previously done. So I sat down and sketched out a few different ideas. I wanted factory matching wood-grain involved, a phone-dock, cup-holder and iPod dock - the whole nine yards. I liked the idea of the clear sides from the last console I did, but I still wanted something different. So I ended up doing the entire top of the enclosure with curved plexi-glass as well. Behind all of the plexi-glass are aluminum brackets molded in for each window to bolt to. The bolts are hidden behind a few finished panels.
    I knew a major focal point of this project was going to be the wiring of the subs. Since they would be visible with the inverted subs I spent a great deal of time planning this part. I figured I shouldn't have used all this plexi-glass to make the enclosure see through, and not add any details to the interior part you can see. So I focused in on the visual concepts of the wiring. I added more polished and curved plexi-glass in this application. The wires actually travel through a couple of plexi-glass tubes as well, which guide the wires to a KB Designs logo custom made to match JL Audio's logo on the back of each woofer.

     The console floats over the rear seat, rather than sitting in the back like in the BMW. So from the dash to the third brake light is a well designed and balanced flow. Each rear seat passenger can sit comfortably in the back, buckle up, and enjoy the sound as well as anyone else in the car. The customer has plenty of space in the trunk, since we only needed to put the tiny, incredibly efficient HD amplifier. So essentially he still has every inch of usable trunk space he originally had.

    At his fingertips he now has access to not only the Alpine touch screen, but he can use his phone easier than ever with the comfortable armrest and Blackberry dock. When your arm is laying on the floating armrest it is angled towards the phone, which is stylishly charging. There is also an iPod touch dock, directly connected to the Alpine w505. The dock has a plexi quick disconnect feature that allows the iPod to stay connected when needed, but gives you the opportunity to un-dock easily to add more songs. The cup-holder has a KB Designs logo engraved at the bottom and a rubber coaster that fits inside as well. When in use, your drink is hugged by a custom wood-grain trim ring in which it sits through. All plexi-glass can be lit up blue with the turn of a factory located switch.

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