​Simple, yet sleek- The SJ Tribute Project is a desk that was designed with clean lines and crisp craftsmanship. These are hand-made from the ground-up. 

    The length of the desk measures up to 60", allowing for a roomy workspace. The depth of the desk hits 26", while the height meets 30". If you're looking for more room, no worries. I can custom make the desk to fit your needs. 


​In this Tribute Project, I am offering the option of having the end-panels available in white or black high-gloss finishes. 

It's your choice. Whether you would like your new sleek desk to have a high-gloss white or black end-panel, I'll leave that up to you. You can specify which one you choose in the menu when purchasing below.


​The "SJ Tribute" logo comes with every desk order. 

   These are laser etched for precise detail. When you receive your desk, you will have both engraved logos included. It's up to you whether you decide to use the gloss-black with silver etching or the opposite. 

The SJ logo was made specifically for this tribute project to honor Steve Jobs. 


​"Do I want the dark walnut or spiced cherry?"

We offer the desk in two different species of woods. You can get your desk made in quartered walnut, or flat-cut cherry. Both woods have been treated with a very rich finish, and top-coated in a dull sheen. 

If you would like your desk custom stained, That's not a problem. Email us if this is the route you would like to go. 


​" Steve Jobs has made an incredible impact on my desires for this company. From the product's design, function and even marketing my work once it's complete; he's someone I will continue to look up to for the rest of my life."

      His talents and brilliance touches many people all over the world. There is no doubt that he was a genius, but as a dreamer myself I felt a strong connection without even knowing him. I'll never forget that day. I was going to school about 3 hours from my hometown and had just started setting up my shop about a month prior. Every weekend I would drive back home, anxiously ready to start working in my new shop. I'd spend hours setting up new tools and working on current projects for school and for other clients. Most of the time I wouldn't even watch the clock and then be surprised when I noticed the sun come up. I was hungry. I was motivated and it only grows more and more each day.

      I never really enjoyed school. I always saw it as more of a hinderance to my goals than anything but felt like "it was what people are supposed to do." The only part I enjoyed about school was my projects for furniture classes. These allowed me to work in an advanced shop for hours and that seemed to be the place I would find peace. Our assignments became so dreading for me, as I felt it was our goal to make something the professor liked rather than expressing our own visions. I became more and more frustrated, and questioned why I was not only spending thousands of dollars, but spending something more valuable doing something I felt wasn't getting me anywhere closer to my dreams- MY TIME. I knew I had to do something.

There's a true meaning behind this project from start to finish. 


This desk project was designed in honor of Steve Jobs who suffered from pancreatic cancer. With every desk order, I am proudly going to donate a percentage to the American Cancer Society to support the fight against cancer; help people reduce their risk of cancer; provide free programs and services for cancer patients; and fund groundbreaking research.

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      I'll never forget that day. I remember leaving my shop, heading straight to my night class. On my 3-hour journey I was listening to Steve's speech at Stanford University in 2005. I had my iPhone plugged up to my car radio, and I would listen to certain parts of his speeches and play them over and over again. I was inspired, as if i hadn't ever heard this commencement speech before. I would constantly be sending my friends and family certain words throughout, hoping that it would inspire them as it did me. 

     When I got to class, I remember walking over to talk to some friends. I was still pretty pumped, but the thought of walking back into school depressed that some. My iPhone started getting a few messages, and then a few more. Everyone knew me as a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, INC., so with the talk that he had passed away, they assumed I would be the instant Wikipedia for answering their question of "is it true?" I hadn't heard anything at the time, but with numerous messages coming through, I had to check online. I was devastated and to some degree i didn't understand why? I had never met him before, Why would I be impacted? I felt like someone had shook me until I was numb. After reading more and more online, His inspiring words through the speeches I listened to on the way to class began to replay in my head. "if today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today?" I knew the answer. I knew it all along. But that day made me face reality and that was the last day of my college career.  

This October 5th, 2012 will be a year since that day. In honor of Steve Jobs, I would like to announce this desk design as a tribute.  

Please email me regarding international shipping.

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