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 Chevrolet Surburban.

     When I spoke to the customer about what he wanted, I became extremely excited to have the opportunity to do the installation. He seemed very picky about his truck, but I could also see some confidence in his eyes from seeing my previous installs. When i look at a car audio install, I like to see something that fits with the rest of the car. I want to see something that matches the style and scheme of the vehicle. I want to see an install that looked as if the factory had made this an audio option for that vehicle. Those are the kinds of installs that catch my eye. So I try to keep that mindset, as Im working on my installs everyday.  I want something that is convenient for the customer. That makes sense. I also like to make everything to come out of the vehicle, if the customer ever decided to trade/sell the vehicle or installation. So with a few Hidden bolts removed, Herbs Suburban can be put back to the factory in the rear area of the truck. I have around 180 hours involved in the custom work I performed on the enclosure. I dyed all the fiberglass pieces that match the factory colors, but for the burgundy clear coated pieces, Harveys collision center of Chatham, VA was chosen.

    "When it came to the sub enclosure, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I wanted to touch my truck. I attended many shows, and seen tons of different installations. But nothing really caught my eye of interest until I was at the Charlotte, NC DUB show and seen the Kyle Buckner Designs vehicles.  I had heard about the kid and his installations from friends, but when I seen his work, it was a completely different story.  His attention to detail is amazing, unlike I have ever seen, seriously.  So there was no doubt as to who I would choose to put my trust in creating more than I expected.  I was able to fit in his books soon after the show, and I waited anxiously for the day of pickup.

    It took around 3 weeks for him to finish the completely handmade enclosure, but well worth it. The enclosure design looked like Chevrolet would do it, and thats what I wanted. He added the matching wood-grain, paint, and all other finishes to the custom fiberglass to allow it to flow with the rest of the interior. I was extremely happy with the outcome of his ideas, creativity, and work on my truck. There is no doubt in my mind that this kid wont go far, His work speaks for himself."  

-Herbert Walters, owner of Suburban

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