The man behind every detail - explained.

I founded Kyle Buckner Designs in 2008

to express my creative energy.

The world of furniture as I saw it was bland and boring; I wanted people to feel connected to their furniture. Through an artistic focus and an uncompromising desire for quality, I hand-craft each piece of furniture to be an extension of my customer. 

I began my journey

designing and fabricating custom

audio/video solutions in the automotive industry.  This passion led me to study electronics and design, before pursuing an undergraduate degree in art at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  In many ways school stifled my creative energy, as I studied subjects such as sculpture and the arts, feeling no connection to my peers or teachers.  As I toiled my way through college I eventually began working with furniture and became reinvigorated with passion. 

Today I work to marry

modern design and technology

into a furniture that some would call art and others can use on a daily basis.  I tend to "go against the grain" as they say to produce what some would consider, unorthodox designs.  I have worked with interior designers to match housing themes, merchandisers, art dealers and direct clients to build unique pieces that fit people's lifestyle.  I will design from the ground up or tweak currently available collections in anyway the customer desires.  I have created pieces for clients across the United States and overseas.